Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I love my son

This is my son, Brexton Cole. He is almost 16 months old. Isn't he darling? I just adore him. He is very shy and timid, in public. At home, he is a little terror. He is really sweet too, though. He helps me do laundry, and loves to clean with me. He loves feeding his fish and petting his dog. He loves to blow kisses and show me his bellybutton. He makes me world go round!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sharing a giveaway or two

Squeakin' Cheeks has a contest on their blog to come up with a slogan. To enter you don't have to be creative, just vote for someone elses :)

Love You Always And Forever giveaway for Country Bobs BBQ sauce. I really hope to win. My fiancee complains all the time that I never win him anything!!

Fluffynutters has a cloth diaper giveaway (barnowl bums) on her blog!!

One Smiley Monkey is giving away a cool lunch box from Raintree Boutique!
trying to win it for my fiancee!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

CLOSED $5 paypal (or $5 Dunkin Donuts GC) and envelope full of coupons GIVEAWAY

I reached 200 friends on facebook! How exciting! I have been trying to figure out a way to celebrate and get some followers on my blog (which isn't quite ready yet, but oh well!) so I figured the best way would be a giveaway, of course. So here it is! The winner gets to choose either $5 paypal cash or a $5 Dunkin Donuts gift card, plus they will receive a bunch of coupons too. The giveaway will end when I reach 100 followers!

Mandatory Entry:
Friend my facebook page & follow my blog via GFC.
Extra entries:
Share the giveaway on facebook, make sure you include a link to the giveaway.
Share the giveaway on twitter, make sure you include a link to the giveaway.

General consensus is google docs are the way to go. So in hopes of pleasing more people I now have the giveaway entries on a google doc form. If you have already entered do not worry about filling out the form, I will just start the count where we left off in comments!

Rules: You must do the mandatory entry to qualify, extra entries are not required. Giveaway will close when 100 GFC followers are reached. Only one entry per household. You must be 18 or older to enter. Winner will be choosen by random.org and e-mailed (also announced on facebook), if no e-mail is included in entry then I will choose a new winner. Winner will have 48 hours to respond to my e-mail. E-mail me at amrcgiveaways@yahoo.com with any questions.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A couple great giveaways

Rows and Roses is having a 200 fan giveaways, winners choice of pattern from the album! Here
Kissaluvs https://www.facebook.com/Kissaluvs is giving away 3 os diaper covers TODAY!

One day I hope to be writing reviews/giveaways insteadof just sharing them. In the meantime, I will just share them though ;)
TNS family values gogreen pocket diaper review and giveaway

Not Just Baby Brain Thirsties giveaway

Adventures of Mommy S zookies giveaway

Sunday, March 6, 2011


I have a facebook page where I share giveaways that are going on! My Facebook
Here is a couple giveaways you should know about:
Love You Always & Forever wool dryer ball giveaway
Unpaper towel giveaway on facebook at Love Lives Here!!

Check it out! Pretty easy entry :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Hello blogging world. I am so very new at this. The whole reason I am starting this blog is with the hopes of becoming a successful reviewer with a solid fan base. It all started out with my love *cough addiction cough* of entering giveaways. I was in the shower this morning and decided to start a separate facebook page for giveaways, but then I thought to myself "DON'T STOP THERE!!" Go all the way. So my journey begins!

I am going to ramble on about myself now. I am a SAHM to a 15 month old boy (Brexton). He currently has a broken leg, definitely a handful. I "work" for ChaCha sometimes. I find it very fun and amusing, nothing like work! I live in a small town, in a small house, with my fiancee and son. We have a very annoying dog named Jasper Jax. I love cloth diapers, breastfeeding, entering giveaways, and being on the internet. I lack motivation when it comes to cleaning my house. Lastly, I am way too involved in reality TV and soaps!

I think I will end my first post there, I have to go get some chocolate chips out of the oven.