Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cutzie Designs & Inspired by Mooky Cloth Diapers & More! Review

Overall score: A+, absolutely love it

I became familiar with Cutzie Designs through the WAHM Wares group on Babycenter (one of my favorite sites, ever.) Whenever I want to buy a new work at home mom (WAHM) made product I always post my "in search of'" there first. It always makes me feel closer to whoever is making the item for me. Well, I posted my ISO thread on 3/9 and received a response from Pam, saying she didn't have the fabric I wanted in stock but would order it for me, the same day. I was so excited, and how nice of her to order the fabric for me! I received the diaper 4/4, which at first glance seems like a long time but it really isn't. Her Hyena Cart states turn around time for a custom is generally 2-3 weeks, plus she had to order my fabric and wait for it to come in, so I say less than 4 weeks is pretty good! But... I guess I should stop rambling and get onto the good stuff, huh?

Review: When I received this diaper, it was love at first site. It looked perfect! Not only was it adorable but it looked very well made. It is an all in two (ai2) with a snap in insert (4 layers of Organic Bamboo Fleece. Each petal topped with OBV. Folds over for up to 12 layers of absorbent material!). The outer is the a-salt & battery d&g print (knit). The diaper also has a hidden layer of PUL, an inner of anti-pill fleece, a snap down rise, and overlapping flaps.

We washed it once before we used it and I could not wait to put it on! I put it on my son right before nap time and left it on him through lunch as a test. It was on him for a little over 3 hours (his diapers are not always on this long, I was just testing it out) and it passed the test. No leaks, and no wet crotch (which is a problem I have had with several ai2s). I was reading the Hyena Cart site and it said the inserts have to be washed 6 times before reaching max absorbency, mine was only washed once before testing it out. How impressive! My son wore it for a second time today for a little over 3 hours again and it passed a second time.
The fit is wonderful. It fit my son like a glove. He is about 32 inches and 23 pounds (give or take, he hasn't been measured in awhile). I love diapers with long flaps, so I know it will have room to grow, and this diaper has that. He currently wears it on the medium snap down rise setting, and the flaps still overlap.

I put the diaper on it's smallest snap down rise setting and it gets pretty small!

The website says it will fit from 8-35 pounds, and I believe it! I also have a picture of it compared to a bottle of Johnson's lotion.
The diaper is also very easy to use. Simple: snap in insert, snap down rise, snap crossover flaps, and use. To wash you just snap out the insert, then do your wash routine. I dried the insert in the dryer and the shell on my kitchen table (where is line drying weather??!!). It was dry at the same time as all of my other diapers, but I sometimes throw my shells in the dryer for a few minutes to soften them up anyway (both the shell and insert came out very soft, too). I have noticed no wear on the diaper from this.

Another thing I LOVED about this diaper from the first use was the snaps. They we're so strong. I have a diaper where the snaps feel weak and poorly put on, like they are going to fall off. The snaps on said diaper don't always stay snapped, so it is something I pay attention to on new diapers. These snaps are definitely very sturdy and put on very well.

I took some pictures comparing this diaper to two very popular diapers, the Bumgenius 3.0 and a Rumparooz.


The only negative I could find on this diaper is the snaps on the inside of the diaper (where the cross over snaps snap in) touch the baby's skin. To me, this is no big deal. It will not make or break my opinion of a diaper. As long as I have the diaper on correctly they do not leave red marks on Brexton. However, I thought I should mention it! 

I really love this diaper and would highly recommend it to anyone. Here are a couple other cute pictures of the diaper in action:

Interested in purchasing your own?
She will also be stocking items at the new shop DressYourLife

Any questions about this diaper? Just let me know!

Fonts in italics are taken right from Cutzie Design's Hyena Cart. This review is written with my own opinions, by me. I had no motivation to write this review except for my desire to share my thoughts.


Bum Luxury said...

A-Salt and Battery! Hilarious. I found you on BBC and couldn't really tell what the print was, but I was cracking up when I read the post.

BTW-it's diaper drying weather here in Phoenix almost year round:) There were a few weeks in January that I didn't want to put them outside, but that was my own laziness!

I'm glad you found a good WAHM diaper!

Bridget from www.bumluxury.blogspot.com

CrawlMomma said...

I think I might try one of these diapers:)