Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Help a mama out!

I have been entering giveaways for awhile now. Facebook, Hyena Cart, and Blog giveaways. One of the blogs I have entered giveaways at is My This N That Life. Running a blog is hard work. Writing reviews is hard work. Getting people to read them is even harder. As an aspiring review blogger, I personally know how hard it is! The mama from My This N That Life knows too. So here is my chance to say 'thank you" to here!

She is currently trying REALLY hard to win a contest for her dream job. The first part of the process is a voting contest. Winning contests like these are SO hard. They are basically giant popularity contests, who knows the most people, who can bribe the most people. It is tough. I am honestly not sure on the specifics of the contest, or even what the "dream job" is. I just know I want to help this mama out!

As a thank you for helping her out, she is offering up extra entries into all of her open giveaways until the end of April. There is also an opportunity to get even more extra entries by referring your friends to vote for her. Here is a link with the info on extra entries: Link. She says she has some cloth diaper giveaways coming up too ;)

If you want to help this mama out, go to this link and vote for her. It is easy-peasy.

When you are done go enter the giveaways on her blog! I just entered one for laundry soap and a bleach alternative. Here is her blog link: Blog


Elizabeth said...

Thanks, hun! I appreciate it!