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CLOSED Blissful Booty All-In-One Cloth Diaper Review & Giveaway!

CLOSEDBlissful Booty cloth diapers are taking the cloth diaper world by storm! A few months ago I had never heard of Blissful Booty, and now I see their name every where. I am not surprised though, their products ROCK!

I had already owned (and fallen in love with) a Blissful Booty cloth diaper when I e-mailed Cathy to ask if she would like to sponsor a giveaway on my blog to go along with this review. She said yes, and I was thrilled! Then she said she would send along some other Blissful Booty goodies for me to review, and I was even more thrilled! (By the way- she was wonderful to work with, and very sweet!) I received a pack of cloth wipes, a pail liner, a sample of the wipe water concentrate, a dropper for the concentrate, and a spray bottle. All of which I loved.

The Wipes
Cloth diapers and cloth wipes go hand in hand. Blissful Booty cloth wipes are now my favorite. The cloth wipes are 100% cotton. One side is textured cotton terry and the other is a soft cotton flannel. The textured side is great for messy diapers, and the soft side is awesome for finishing up the job. They are 7" x 7.5", and the perfect size. They small enough to easily store in a diaper bag pocket or old disposable wipes container, but big enough so they are functional.

The Pail Liner
I am so relieved to finally own a pail liner. I was using 13 gallon trash bags, and felt horrible being so wasteful. I am happy to be able to have a bag to reuse in my diaper pail. I can just throw it in with my diaper wash, dry it, and reuse. So far, I have only sprayed it clean with a diaper sprayer though. The 33x27 inch pail liner fits great into my diaper pail. I have had no problem with it slipping (and I sometimes go too long between washes and have quite a bit of diapers in the pail), thanks to the elastic around the top of the liner. There is also a  pouch sewn in for essential oils or baking soda to keep the pail smelling nice. I haven't used it, but it seems like a great add on for those sensitive to stinky pails!

Wipe Water Concentrate, Dropper, Spray Bottle
I usually just use water in a Peri bottle as my wipe solution. It is boring, but does the trick. Trying Blissful Booty wipe water was like upgrading from a Station Wagon to a BMW (not exactly the same thing, but you get the point!) My concentrate was Creamy Coconut and it smelled so good. There are directions on the Blissful Booty website on how to measure (if you are using a sample size concentrate see the 1 ml Dropper page, if you are using a full size see the Wipe Water Concentrate page), but I just guesstimated. It turned out well, the wipe water smelled great, and I was so excited for a poopy diaper to change (that is the first time I have ever said that!) The wipe concentrate also comes in so many yummy smelling scents; tangerine dream, heavenly honeysuckle, and choco-cherry to name a few. You can also stick to unscented if you would like! The spray bottle was much easier to use then the Peri bottle. I always have to keep the Peri bottle closed or my son will squirt it everywhere. Sometimes I forget to close it and it leaks everywhere. I didn't have that problem with the spray bottle. I also like that Blissful Booty's spray bottle is blue, which makes it easier to find when just thrown into a messy diaper bag. The sprayers are also made with PET which is a recycled plastic and is also recyclable.

The Diaper
I own the original Blissful Booty Cloth Diaper. They now also have an Ultra version, which gives you the option of using velcro or snaps all on one diaper! You can also pick your snap color on the Ultra. Blissful Booty diapers are sized. They have newborn extra small (5-12lbs), small (9-16lbs), medium (14-23lbs), large (20-35lbs), and toddler extra large (35+lbs). There are two available colors, buttercream and celery. Ours is the large in celery. It fits my tall, skinny, 23lb, 17 month old son well but has plenty of room to grow!
Blissful Booty Diapers Feature:
  • Back and front elastic gathers to prevent leaks
  • Hook and Loop closure for a snug fit
  • Luxurious, stain resistant inner lining made of no-pill microfleece, that wicks moisture away from sensitive baby skin
  • Snug inner and outer leg casings for ultimate leak protection
  • Soft, waterproof TPU cloth outer cover; No more hot rubber pants!
  • Super absorbent microfiber terry inner soaker
  • Large, soft, fold back laundry tabs to prevent the dreaded "diaper snake" when washing
  • Crossover front tabs for thin babies, or when you are transitioning to a new size
I love that the inner is so soft! The double leg casings is also a HUGE plus with this diaper. I have never had  a leak while using our Blissful Booty, and have left it on for a few hours to test it out. I love that it is a true AIO- you just put it on and take it off, no pocket stuffing or insert snapping. Most people think AIOs take longer to dry, and that is probably true with most diapers, but the Blissful Booty dries surprisingly fast! It is always dry with my other diapers, whether it is dried on the line or in the dryer. I would highly recommend the Blissful Booty AIO to any cloth diapering parent, especially if they are interested in a great AIO. I personally would love to try Blissful Booty on a newborn, I bet it makes diapering a newborn easy-peasy.

About Blissful Booty Cloth Diaper
The owner of Blissful Booty, Cathy, is a mama to 4 with 1 grand baby. She began designing her AIO in 2006 after her youngest daughter (Kaia) was born with a congenital heart defect called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Kaia had very sensitive skin and couldn't wear disposable diapers. Cathy didn't want to use prefolds, so she studied the features of disposables she liked best and began trial & error sewing with different fabrics. Her friends and husband encouraged her to take her diaper making to the next level so she could offer a healthier alternative to disposables to parents everywhere. After Cathy left her job in finance, Blissful Booty Cloth Diapers became official! In addition to the products I have talked about in this review, Blissful Booty makes some other products too! You can find wetbags, stater packs, boosters, booty mats, body wash, lotion, body mist, mini bags, bumper stickers, and fabric. They also sell cloth diaper friendly detergents.

Interested in buying?
Visit the shop
Diapers are available starting at $17.99

Interested in WINNING?
Cathy is kind enough to offer one of my fabulous readers a chance to try her AIO, Ultra or Original, in winner's choice of size and color. (thank you Cathy!)

Here is how to enter!
Follow directions below and

Mandatory Entry:
*Follow my blog by Google Friend Connect (look to the right)
 *Like Blissful Booty on facebook.

Extra entries:
*Be a friend of "Amrc Giveaways" on facebook
*Go to Blissful Booty's shop, browse around, and comment on their facebook page with what other product you would like to try (thank them for the giveaway too!)
*Share the giveaway! Post on facebook, twitter, forum, blog, etc.
*Follow Blissful Booty's blog or twitter page
*Make a purchase from Blissful Booty. One extra entry per dollar amount.

**There is also a chance to win Blissful Booty products on their facebook page! They currently have 11 diapers in the giveaway, as well as some of their other great products**

Blissful Booty is good for peek-a-boo too :)

A large on my tall skinny boy (23 lbs)

Rules: You must do the mandatory entry to qualify, extra entries are not required. Giveaway will close Friday June 10th at 8pm est . Only one entry per household. You must be 18 or older to enter. Winner will be chosen by and e-mailed (also announced on facebook), if no e-mail is included in entry then I will choose a new winner. Winner will have 48 hours to respond to my e-mail. E-mail me at with any questions.
Also, information in italics is taken right from the Blissful Booty web page.


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