Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Meal planning!

I never was into the whole meal planning thing, but lately my life is so discombobulated I need to find organiztion. Let's start with meal planning! I won't be planning my meals, then shopping like most do. I do things the other way around :) I go shopping, buy what is on sale and see what kind of produce is available, and plan from there :)
Feel free to share you weekly meal plan, and even recipes :) I would love to get some new ideas!

B- Blueberry waffles (the eggo kind, hey.. I can't always be perfect) with some watermelon.
L- Peanut butter sandwiches on whole wheat bread with some catalope (no catalope for me though, I hate it!)
D- Stuffed pork roast with gravy, baked asparagus, and homemade macaroni and cheese
Snacks- goldfish crackers

B- Scrambled eggs with whole wheat toast, raspberries
L- Pasta with a little olive oil and mixed veggies (unless we have leftover pork!)
D- Chicken fajitas (with red and orange peppers) and whole wheat tortillas. Served with cheese and salsa as toppings
Snack- pineapple

B-French toast, and some peaches
L-Hummus with toasted bread triangles
D- Crockpot chicken (chicken cooked in random sauces I have left in the kitchen) with brocoli
Snack- applesauce

B- Yoplait yogurt with raspberries
L- Tyson chicken nuggets (in the shapes of dinosaurs!) with mixed veggies
D- Chicken (haven't figured out how it will be cooked yet)
S- Cheese and crackers

Saturday- Will continue later :)