Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happy half birthday!

Yesterday was my son's half birthday! He is now an 18 month old. I can't believe it. It seems like just yesterday he was learning to walk. As much as I miss his "baby" days, I love watching him develop into his own little person. He is so different than any child I have met. He is so shy around new people and skeptical of trying new things. He is sensitive and emotional, he cries very easily. At home, when he is most comfortable, he is a terror. He loves to climb on everything and get into as much trouble as possible. He loves fish, and has since he was almost a year old. His favorite word is ball. He prefers being outdoors. Daddy is his best friend. He loves to clap and do his happy dance. He is so silly. I just adore him.

Brexton a year and a half ago yesterday
Dec 3, 2009

Brexton a year ago yesterday

Yesterday! 18 months old!


Belle said...

My son turned 18 months old yesterday too! It is crazy how fast time flies, I feel like I was just pregnant. My little guy is even wanting to potty train. I can't believe how fast he has gone from a little newborn who did nothing but poop and sleep to a toddler who runs, climbs and gets into everything. It is just amazing to watch him grow into his own little person. =-) Congratulations!

Amrc Giveaways and Reviews said...

Happy half birthday to you little one too! Congrats :) It really is amazing. I love being a mommy :)

Two Little Monkeys said...

Happy half birthday! Today is my son's half birthday, he is now 2 1/2 years old. It goes by sooo fast!
Your little guy looks older than 18 months. Or maybe I just have forgotten what 18 months looks like

Amrc Giveaways and Reviews said...

Happy half birthday to your little monkey!! I actually hear that a lot, about him looking older. He tends to pass for two. I think it is his tallness mostly, which he didn't get from me :)