Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Itti Bitti Tutto Review&Giveaway

Firstly, I would like to sincerely apologize to Itti Bitti for how long it took me to get this review up. I received it right around the time my computer broke (and as some of you know my computer was out of commission for about a month- maybe more). Afterwards, I could not get pictures to load onto my computer (and a good review is useless without pics)! Finally, here we are. The diaper is reviewed! Thanks again Itti Bitti, and so sorry for the delay!

I was incredibly excited when I first found out I was getting to review an Itti Bitti diaper. I've been hearing great things about them, and seeing them mentioned A LOT. When I got the package in the mail I was thrilled, I immediately opened it. My initial thoughts we're "oh my gosh, this diaper is so soft" and "oh my gosh, what is up with all these inserts?" I didn't know where to start. There was so much... stuff. It looked kind of complicated. Don't worry though, once you get it figured out this diaper is WONDERFUL.

Let's just start by talking about the Tutto. It is a one size all in one diaper (or, all in two I guess?). It is said to fit from 8-44lbs. The fabric is a beautiful, soft, fuzzy minkee. It comes in 18 seasonal colors (and they have some limited edition prints out). The diaper comes with 3 soaker pads, allowing custom absorbency to fit babies of all needs. If not soiled the shell can be reused (if you purchase extra soakers). The company Itti Bitti originated in Australia in 2005. Their diapers are now being sold in 25 countries, and made their US debut in March 2011. In addition to the Tutto the company also makes two other diapers: the d'lish and the boo. They also make wetbags, wipes, changing pads, and minkee blankees.

Now let's talk about some of the features of the Tutto.

*The Poo Fence. The Poo Fence is a feature patented by Itti Bitti. It holds in explosions. We haven't had any poo leaks, so I guess it is doing it's job!

*Double gussets. The second layer of gusset is actually part of the poo fence, but I think double gussets always deserve a mention. I love them!

*Internal hip snaps. The hip snaps confused me quite a bit. However, I found a video on them and after watching it had to smack myself in the forehead. They really are not that hard. They prevent wing drop.

*Customizable absorbency. This is the other thing that confused me, the 3 soakers. I did quickly notice the snaps on them we're color coded- making them dummy proof. Just snap them into the matching colors! There are also absorbency options for boys and for girls, you achieve them by snapping the inserts in different places. More info on the absorbency options can be found: here. Also, the inserts are a bamboo/organic cotton blend. Can you go wrong with bamboo/organic cotton? I just don't think so :)

*Snap down rise and crossover tabs. These are both wonderful features to have on a one size diaper, I especially love crossover snaps.

*Beautiful! These diapers are so cute!

My overall opinion of the diaper is that I like it! Once I got past the learning curve, I thought it was a great diaper. It has a good fit. It is absorbent, we've had zero leaks while using it (and can be absorbent for any baby if you adjust the absorbency right!). It is trim. Plus, it has all of the great features I previously mentioned. I would definitely recommend it.

Interested in purchasing a Tutto?
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