Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mac-A-Doodle Giveaway (on facebook)

One of my favorite diapers (well, probably my favorite) is made by Mac-A-Doodle. I even ordered a Mac-A-Doodle newborn fitted that is so cute and tiny. I LOVE our Mac-A-Doodle pocket diaper. It is so beautiful, has an amazing fit, and I love the tri-fold insert. Maybe one day I will write an in-depth review of it for you all :)

Anyways, they are having a giveaway on their facebook page once they get to 1500 fans. They are giving away a FFS (free for shipping) custom diaper with matching baby legs/embellished shirt and teething monster. What a great prize.

They are also having a giveaway for whomever refers the most new fans over. I would love for that to be me. So please, if you go like them for the giveaway- let them know Amrc Giveaways sent you (and loves her diapers!).

Good luck :)