Friday, October 14, 2011

16 Weeks

Hello all! I haven't updated about my pregnancy since week 11. No big updates, really. I am still feeling pretty crappy most days, my morning sickness has not subsided, and I have no appetite whatsoever. This pregnancy is REALLY different then my first. I've started seeing a therapist for the PPD I got after my son, but was never treated (maybe this will be another blog post one day.. maybe). It is really helping. I have a nice little belly, but I haven't gained ANY weight yet. I will have to take a picture one day. Our next appointment is coming up, and it is our ultrasound! I am pretty excited for it. We don't plan on finding out the sex, and I am even more excited about that (though, the rest of my family is not)!

On another note, my almost 2 year old is basically potty trained. We haven't used diapers in weeks :( It is so bittersweet. My cloth diaper reviews and giveaways will stop temporarily, but don't worry- this March 2012 squishy will be cloth diapered as well :) I am going to start looking for other types of items to review in the meantime. If you have any suggestions let me know! I will still be sharing other cloth diaper giveaways on my Facebook page though.