Friday, November 18, 2011

MonkeyBare Diaper Rash Balm Review&Giveaway

No one likes diaper rash, as Moms we try to avoid it at all costs. However, it happens. As a cloth diapering Mom you might be confused as to what you can use- our options are much more limited.

One option you could try is MonkeyBare Daily Defense Diaper Balm. It is a cloth diaper friendly formula made from natural ingredients. The balm creates a barrier to help protect the skin and the botanical ingredients help sooth minor diaper rashes. Here is the ingredient list, taken right from the MonkeyBare Hyena Cart website:
Shea Butter, Soy Butter, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Beeswax, St. John's Wort, Chamomile, Calendula, Vitamin E, Lavender & Tea Tree Essential Oils.
Don't want essential oils? No problem! Just let them know!
If you are interested in learning a bit more about the ingredients they use and why they love them you can check out this page: Ingredients

Upon receiving the balm in the mail my initial reaction was "cute package". Weird, I know, but the container was adorable. Simple, yet unique. I opened it up and OH MY GOSH it smelled amazing. Seriously, it smells awesome. It isn't a very strong or overwhelming smell, it just smells nice.
Daily Defense Diaper Balm - 4oz / 120ml

My little guy doesn't get rashes very often, but luckily for testing purposes (and unluckily for his little butt) he had the poopys one day. He didn't get a terrible rash, but his butt was a little red and irritated from being wiped so much.  The balm was easy to use, I liked not having to squeeze the end of a tube to try and get enough out (and sometimes getting too much out). Just open up the lid and put a little on a finger. It spread easily too. We used it a couple times that day and his butt was just fine by that night. My little guy mostly wears undies now, and I had no problem with it washing out. It washed out of his diapers no problem too!
I also babysit a little girl, about 14 months old. She gets diaper rash very easily, and has had it daily almost the whole time I have been babysitting her. I think it has something to do with the fact that she poops 5 times a day. Whenever I use Destin on her butt, she screams and cries in pain. It must really hurt her. I feel so bad using it. One day I had a brilliant idea- use my diaper rash cream (yes, its a balm... I usually just say cream because it is what I am used to!). So that is what we did. So, I put some on her very red and tender butt and she didn't cry once. After I put her diaper back on she seemed happy, like it soothed her! I was really happy about this. I liked putting it on and not hearing her scream in pain. During her next diaper change, another poopy diaper, I was impressed again. The poop wasn't stuck to her butt like it usually is. It really did make a barrier. Every time she poops and has the balm on her butt it is like this! It also makes clean up A LOT easier. Her butt wasn't clear by the time I sent her home, but it was improving and she wasn't miserably crying from her sore bottom (nothing clears up her rash easily though, I've used Destin as well as cornstarch and Vaseline).

After looking at the MonkeyBare website, I think the Rash Rescue Diaper Balm would be good for the little girl (it has Tamanu Oil to heal), but the Daily Defense Balm works great for my little guy!
Rash Rescue Diaper Balm - 4oz / 120ml

I would definitely recommend MonkeyBare Diaper Balms to any cloth diapering mamas (or even non cloth diapering mamas) looking for a diaper rash cream. I will definitely be purchasing some for my March 2012 squishy too. Did I mention it smells amazing ;) ?

You can see more reviews of MonkeyBare products here and here!

A couple other items made at MonkeyBare:
Calming Massage Oil - 8.4oz / 250mlUnscented Talc Free Baby Powder 2oz / 55g

Interested in purchasing some MonkeyBare products?
Check out their Hyena Cart! You can get 4oz of the Daily Balm for $10.

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Then you've come to the right place! You can win some a diaper balm and powder duo.

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Anonymous said...

I think I would like that not only does the balm help to combat rashes but that it also provides a barrier to help with cleaning and worse rashes :)

ericka coello said...

it is naturally handmade. Good for the baby and good for the planet.

Nina H said...

After reading you rave about the smell, that's what I'm most looking forward to!
hungrymonkey09 at gmail dot com

Tannis said...

I like that it's cd friendly and the ingredients look really good!
tannis_z at excite dot com

Rebecca said...

I like that it's natural and would work for bad diaper rashes! I am wanting something that actually works!!! and is good for cloth! :-)
thewamsleywoman at gmail dot com

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Jennifer Pasch said...

I want to try it because it sounds like its actually safe to use on cloth. ;)

Tanaya said...

I would love to have a cream that I can still use with cloth and that doesn't stink!
Tanaya_lynn at yahoo dot com

My 4 Monsters & Me said...

I think that I would LOVE a great smelling, cloth diaper friendly diaper rash balm that works!

Trying to go green said...

I love natural products near the skin

angie kunst

Belle said...

I would love to win this, my son gets a rash from time to time and I have to use disposables with the cream I have now. I would love to try a cloth-safe alternative.

fatallyunloved at gmail

Vicky said...

I love the talc-free baby powder

Nina H said...

I'm sorry if I entered this twice by mistake! The raffle-copter form didn't remember, but I see that I've already commented, so maybe I entered already?
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Shannon said...

Gfc Shannon. Chittumsh @aol

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Happy new year love all these giveaways look forward to seeing and reading more newest follower