Friday, June 15, 2012

Newborn Celebration!! Bouncy Bums Review

Love them.

What are Bouncy Bums you ask? Incredibly wonderful cloth diapers made by a super sweet mama. After I had my little girl I wanted awesome girly fluff to put her in. Bouncy Bums responded to my ISO on the Babycenter WAHM Wares board (highly recommend checking out that board by the way, but only if you are ready to shop!) and upon checking out her store I could not pick just 1 diaper- the prints we're too cute! I needed at least 2, or well..3 ;)

My ISO was kind of specific. I knew what I was looking for in a diaper. I wanted a one size girly ai2 or pocket with crossover wing snaps and an insert. I also really wanted a ruffle butt. Bouncy Bums delivered!
Bouncy Bums AI2s are made with a cute outer print, hidden PUL, and an insert made of 3 layers of organic bamboo fleece topped with cotton velour. Obviously, I love the print choices for the outers. The inserts are quite thin, but they do their job well while keeping it trim! My little one is a very heavy wetter and besides a little bit of moisture around the legs if I didn't change in a timely matter (which can happen with ANY diaper with a cotton outer) we had no leaks- including no poopy leaks! The inserts are also SO SO SO soft. I can find them through my pile of inserts on laundry day just by touch. The diaper fits my baby girl well already, with plenty of room to grow (thanks to the snap down rise and crossover snaps!) The diaper seems constructed very well too. It is neatly put together and sewn beautifully. Another thing I know a lot of people like in a diaper is when snaps don't touch babies skin, and they don't with Bouncy Bums!
I enjoyed working with Stevie, even through Internet messages she seems to have a wonderful personality! I would DEFINITELY recommend Bouncy Bums to any cloth diapering mama and will probably add a few more to my stash as well.
Now, if you need more of a reason to be intrigued by Bouncy Bums- check out this REMOVABLE RUFFLE BUTT!!

Believe it or not, I wanted more pictures- but my camera died and Sophie got fussy!

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