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I love reviewing products, this is a very PR friendly blog! I am hoping to focus on natural parenting and family friendly items! We have a soft spot for cloth diapers and anything food related. My family currently consists of my 2.5ear old (now potty trained!) son, my
daughter born 3/23/2012, my
 fiancee, my small dog, and myself. Reviews are not limited to those who make products! If you own a shop/online store, you can send an item available from your store as well. Also, reviews will always include a few adorable pictures of your product being used (who can resist cute pictures?!) By request, I can also do video reviews. You can check out some of my past reviews here.

In order to do a review I require:
A product to try out, that is generally nonreturnable. I cannot provide an honest review without trying the product myself first!
Time, to review the product! Depending on the product it might be a couple days or a couple weeks.
Any information you would like included in the review (company info, particular pictures, current promotions, etc)

I will not write a negative review. I will contact you first and discuss our options from there.

Samples of my reviews can be found on the "reviews" tab. All reviews will also be promoted on my facebook page, as well as in my signature on the forums.


I recommend offering a giveaway for a blog reader in addition to the review. It is not required, though. You can offer the same item you sent for review, a similar item, or a gift certificate. Another option would be a discount code available to blog readers. At the end of the giveaway I will contact you with the winner's information, and you are responsible for providing them with their prize in a timely manner. Giveaways draw much more attention to products! They definitely get fans talking and interested, plus you will get more 'likes' on your Facebook page.

Why do a review/giveaway?

Reviews/giveaways are great ways generate new business and raise awareness of your product. It is a cost friendly (only cost of product and shipping, no additional fees) form of word-of-mouth advertisement. It is a guaranteed way to get more traffic on your site. The mandatory entry of a giveaway will always be to follow the sponsor (through your desired method- facebook, twitter, etsy, or to simply check out your store and comment back with their favorite item). Also, the review will always be around so future readers will be able to find information on your product. It will be archived in my "reviews" tab. If the review is accompanied by a giveaway it will then go into my "giveaways" tab, in the "ended giveaways" section.  Another reason reviews/giveaways are good forms of advertisement is the relationship you build! If I try your product and love it, I am more likely to recommend it to others and mention any future promotions you have on my facebook page.

As a bonus for sponsoring a review or giveaway, if you have an advertisement button I will post it free of charge on my blog for 2 months. Just let me know!

If you have any questions, or would like to work with me on a review please contact me at:

General Rules (for entering)
You must do the mandatory entry to qualify, extra entries are not required but do increase your odds of winning.
Only one entry per person.
You must be 18 or older to enter.
Winner will be chosen by rafflecopter and e-mailed (also announced on facebook), if no e-mail is included in entry then I will choose a new winner. Winner will have 48 hours to respond to my e-mail.
 E-mail me at with any questions.
Also, information in italics is taken right from the sponsors site.
Giveaway end day is specified at bottom of review/giveaway.
Items we're sent to me for review, I was no compensated in any other way. All opinions are my own and honest!

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